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Not centered with Throwing Axes

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 07:35
This is because One With The Blade only works with...

Summer Smoke broken?

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 07:35
Hey all. Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but I...

DDO Store Cosmetic Items 20% Off Not working with...

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 04:37
you are right... I usually miss that.

Dwarf Throw Your Weight Around

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 04:12
A Throw Down Challenge issued to all you Dwarven CON Builds...

Chest loot and end rewards

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 02:28
Did Eyes of stone on elite, so ML 12 base ML 14 elite...

The Favored Pyromancer - Fire Savant Sorcerer 16/ FvS 4 Draconic Incarnation

Sat, 02/06/2016 - 00:41
So the background on this build is simple enough. I saw...

Artificer or Rogue?

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 23:36
---Quote (Originally by Zaharia)--- *Are Artificer and...

Erdrique's Blog-Week of Jumping, Quest Runs February 1st to February 4th

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 23:23
I did quite a bit of Risia Ice Game jumping this week but...

1st Life Achievements.

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 22:57
---Quote (Originally by Holymunchkin)--- Next up is Titan....

OS 10.9.5, Warning, image data corrupted

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 22:20
Machine updated to 10.9.5, trying to download the client,...

10 Free Astral Shards for Everyone! Suggestion for 10th year of DDO

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 21:00
---Quote (Originally by FranOhmsford)--- 10 is absolutely...

Invisible Stalker Creature Companion Giveaway!

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 19:33
Crydel on Khyber Invisible Stalkers are cool :)

Maximum Heroic Experience Achieved!

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 19:32
*gratz* the fatespinner has been waiting for you!

High Lords will host Mark of Death teaching raid on Saturday, February 6 at 9pm EST

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 19:08
Still space in tomorrow's MOD teaching raid. Contact me in...

Caster Levels and Multiclassing

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 17:37
Hello, I've been trying to get my mind around what happens...

any talk of wizard and/or arty pass?

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 17:33
I have gotten pretty bored with the game (not complaining,...


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