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DDO Players Council FAQ and NDA


Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the DDO Players Council:

What is the DDO Player Council?

The DDO Player Council is a group of players selected to provide targeted feedback and valuable suggestions to the DDO Team. This will involve participating in surveys, focused discussions, as well as highly structured and targeted developer chats. Often the topics covered will be elements of game design at their earliest stages, well before they are committed to development or appear in our preview programs like Lamannia.

How many members will be part of the council?

Generally, the DDO Player Council will consist of not less than 10 and not more than 100 players at any point during the term.

Does Turbine determine the makeup of the DDO Player Council?

All members of the council will be selected by Turbine in accordance with the eligibility requirements listed in the application. Any player who meets the requirements may apply for a place on the council. Any player may nominate another player for a position by submitting an application on their behalf.

The forums are only one portion of the player base, how will the larger community be heard?

We will extend invitations to some players based on internal research, participation in other feedback groups, and other means we feel appropriate to determining their ability to be a good sample of the general player base on the council.

What if I don’t live in North America?

You may still apply to be on the Council.  The goal is to create a diverse group that accurately represents the player base in terms of geography, play style, and interests.   We do ask that all applicants be capable of participating in the council in written and spoken English.

Will my participation be kept private?

The DDO Player Council will be covered by a Non-disclosure agreement that all participants must agree to before being added to the council. However, we will publish a list of all players participating in the council.  This list will not reveal your real name, but will include your forum name and main server of choice.

I haven’t played DDO in a long time, but I really want to be part of this!

We’re very sorry, but the Player Council is for active players who have been playing DDO regularly within the previous six months.  Once you meet those criteria, we’d be happy to have you apply!

How do we know Turbine will listen to us?

All feedback and suggestions provided by the council will be reviewed and considered by the DDO Team. When possible, we will make note of the fact that certain features, changes, or additions are suggested by the council. We may also discuss some aspects of council actions in Developer Chats or developer diaries.

How will the Council be held accountable to the full community?

The role of the council is to provide feedback as requested, and suggestions as appropriate. It is not an elected body answerable to a constituency. Our expectation is that members of the council appreciate their role as a special representative group and seriously consider the interests of all community members when making their suggestions and providing their feedback.  We believe the size of the council is sufficient to ensure the majority views are well represented. 

How long will the council serve? Can you be on the council forever? Who has oversight of the council?

The council will serve for a period of one calendar year. No player may serve on two consecutive councils. 

What about players not accepted into the council?

Applicants who were not selected for the council may be called upon to fill vacancies in the council should they arise. Also, players not selected must reapply in the future; applications are not carried over from year to year.

How can the general community help bring issues to the attention of the council?

While the Council is not an elected group responsible for aggregating and escalating live issues to the developers, they may reference discussions from the community during Council discussions. Council members are permitted to highlight existing community discussions in order to clarify opinions and feedback in relation to topics they are asked to participate in. We recommend well written, well considered suggestions as the most likely to catch the council’s eye. 

What if I’m chosen for the council and people harass or grief me in game because of my participation or if they don’t like suggestions the council made?

Harassment is harassment and a violation of the EULA, TOS and Community Guidelines. Players engaging in this behavior for any reason are subject to action based on the existing prohibitions against harassment.


NDA and Confidentiality Reminder

Your participation in the DDO Player council is voluntary and carries with it a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement in addition to the normal terms of service, EULA, and community guidelines. During your participation in the DDO Player Council, you will have access to non-public information concerning the Game, including without limitation the Game design, look and feel, computer software, game concepts, storylines, features, screen shots, characters, graphics, audio, images, virtual items, Feedback, business methods, Turbine updates, release schedules, information about other players or other information that is not generally known (collectively, the “Confidential Information”).

The Confidential Information is proprietary to Turbine (or its affiliates, publishing partners, licensors or licensees), and you agree to treat as confidential all Confidential Information of which you become aware in connection with your participation in the DDO Player Council, regardless of whether it is in written, oral, electronic or other form. 

As a participant, you must maintain all Confidential Information in strict confidence, may not disclose or permit access to Confidential Information to anyone other than Turbine, or discuss Confidential Information with anyone except within the DDO Player Council’s private discussion boards located at

Looking for the DDO Players Council Introduction and Application? Find it here.

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