As darkness looms, find solace among friends starting October 3.
Unearth New Adventures
Explore Dungeons & Dragons Online like never before! Featuring brand new cosmetic cloaks, a Wood Elf race variant, a new raid, an updated Night Revels Festival and much more.
Don Your Cloak
For the first time ever in Dungeons & Dragons Online, cosmetic cloaks are now available! Customize your character in an all-new way with a wide assortment of options.

Once you are looking sharp – celebrate the Night Revels Festival! Brand new spooky dungeons have been added to the annual fall festival, as well as your chance to defeat the infamous Spectral Dragon, who has returned in a new adventure. Your cloak won’t be the only wardrobe accessory, as tons of additional creepy gear and cosmetics have joined the festivities.
*Offer valid Oct 3rd – Dec 31st 2018