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Divine spell casters and healers, Clerics have a broad range of spells at their command. They excel at curing ailments and healing allies but also have the ability to blast enemies with their divine power.

Solo Ability: Very Good.

Important stats:
Wisdom is the most important stat for clerics. High wisdom makes a cleric's spells more difficult for enemies to resist and gives him or her more spell points.

Charisma is important for clerics who want to be able to use divine abilities like turning more often.

Notable abilities: Turn Undead.

Clerics use divine magic and gain all of their spells as they level up. They don't have to inscribe new spells like wizards or pick a subset like favored souls. Clerics also have a special ability called Turning. They can use this to attack undead or assist allies.

Unlike wizards and sorcerers, clerics have powerful healing spells and can wear armor and use shields, granting them better protection than other casters.

When clerics are at taverns or rest shrines, they can switch to different spells to better address the challenges of their current quest. Favored souls and sorcerers cannot do this.

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