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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 272


In the News!

  • The Anniversary Event is now here! Celebrate twelve years of DDO with a fun quest, new loot, and more! Now through March 11th. 
  • DDO Bonus Days bring you +20% Reaper XP, +20% Heroic XP, and +5% VIP XP, now through March 4th!
  • Customize Your Campaign! Get 20% off:
    • Select Adventure Packs
    • Monster Manuals
    • Attack Spells
    • Sentience Toolkits
    • Now through March 1st!
  • Heroic and Epic Otto's Boxes are on sale for a limited time! Now through March 4th.
  • Get Double Bonus Points in the DDO Store, now through March 4th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Mirror of Glamering with the Coupon Code MIRROR, now through March 1st!

Community Spotlights

Many players suffer from cats blocking their screen. Bolo Grubb is doing something about it here!

MassivelyOP writes about DDO in a new Perfect Ten! Click here to read it.

VooduSpyce wraps up his Aasimar Project! Click here for the series finale.

Strimtom explains the Baba Lysaga raid! Click here for Old Baba's Hut.

To nominate a player, email with the subject line "PLAYER SPOTLIGHT"

Guild Hall

Ainz Ooal Gown is a Cannith-based guild looking for players who play at least once per week! Click here to read more about them on Reddit, or find Ainzsama, Azmodia, or Ashkar a message in-game.

Email with the subject line "GUILD HALL" to get your guild featured!

Happy 12th Anniversary DDO! Make up your own question this week. :)

Comment on the DDO Forums here and you could win DDO Points!

Fansite News

BandVP is launching a new video series, and begins with release notes! Click here to watch it.

DDOcast Episode 507 discusses teaching raids and levels 25 and 26! Click here to watch or listen.

DDO Players News talks Gen Con and more! Click here for their newest show. 

Bachlagore Plays DDO every Friday on Twitch! Click here for the show.

The Damsels of DDO record Episode 84! Click here to get it.

Micki enters Raid Week 62! Click here to read about it.

GamingSF brings the fire resistance! Click here to check it out.

A Very Bad Guild reaches the End of the Road! Click here to see it.

Citi has a Reaper conundrum. Click here to read more!

Even has a Litany of problems in the latest Streamin' With Even! Click here for the video.

Palnai runs in the Catacombs! Click here for more.

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Happy 12th Anniversary DDO! Celebrate with the Anniversary Dungeon, including new rewards, bonuses, and more!
  • Update 37 Patch 4 has been released! Click here for the Release Notes.
  • Cordovan goes through Release Notes, looks at Anniversary rewards, and more in the latest Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream. Click here to watch it.
  • The Forums have a new log-in flow. Click here to read about it.

Screenshot of the Week!

Mortas gets his game face on for Ravenloft in our 355th DDO Screenshot of the Week! Check out our entire gallery here!

Click here to learn how your screenshot could be the next Screenshot of the Week!

That's all for this week's edition of the DDO Chronicle. We'll see you next time!

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