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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 274


Community Spotlights

MopsEntertainment ponders a theoretical DDO expansion! Click here to read his blog.

Fumbles and Fame streams DDO in addition to pen and paper gaming regularly on Twitch! Click here for a recent DDO stream.

Draculetta has begun streaming DDO as well on Twitch! Click here to see the latest show.

To nominate a player, email with the subject line "PLAYER SPOTLIGHT"

Guild Hall

Goda Vos is a level 75 guild on Argonnessen looking for players from Malaysia or anyone else who plays around the GMT+8 time zone! The guild is looking for English-speaking players. They have a Kraken, full buffs, and more! Click here for more info.

Email with the subject line "GUILD HALL" to get your guild featured!

DDO has Iron, Clay, Stone, and other Golems, but what kind of Golem should DDO have?

Comment on the DDO Forums here and you could win DDO Points!

Fansite News

DDOcast has part 2 of their Curse of Strahd strategy guide! Click here to watch or listen.

DDO Players News tortures the Damsels of DDO in Barovia. Click here for the most recent show!

The Damsels of DDO get an Invitation to Dinner! Click here for the video, and click here for the show.

A Very Bad Guild has A Small Problem! Click here to see what it is.

Citi wrotes about the DDO user experience in a new blog post. Click here to read it!

EvilSqueegee and friends recently streamed DDO on his 3000+follower Twitch channel! Click here for the show (note: NSFW explicit language).

Syp parties hard in the Anniversary Dungeon! Click here to read his thoughts.

BandVP gets a case of troglodytes! Click here to see what happened.

Micki continues her raiding talk in a new blog post. Click here to read how it went!

It's Good to be King! Click here to see who's king.

Brighter Days Ahead Tonight streams every Thursday evening on Twitch! Click here for last week's show.

Palnai has one last quest! Click here to see what it is.

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Ravenloft is now available in the DDO Store, and to celebrate, we've released a video about bringing Ravenloft to life! Click here to watch it.
  • Steelstar looks at some upcoming balance changes, and would like your feedback. Click here to read more.
  • Cordovan runs through the Anniversary dungeon in this week's Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream! Click here for the video.

Screenshot of the Week!

Audioslave gets photobombed by a dragon in our 357th DDO Screenshot of the Week! Check out our entire gallery here!

Click here to learn how your screenshot could be the next Screenshot of the Week!

In the News!

  • DDO Bonus Days bring you a +20% Challenge Rewards boost! Now through March 11th.
  • Mists of Ravenloft is now available in the DDO Store! The Special Edition bundles remain available at as well.
  • Honor Your Guild!
    • Get 30% off:
      • Astral Shards
      • Guild Renown Elixirs
    • Get 50% off:
      • Guild Charters
      • Guild Airship Beacons
    • Now through March 15th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Lasting Potion of Resist Fire (+10) x5 with the Coupon Code RESFIRE, now through March 15th!

That's all for this week's edition of the DDO Chronicle. We'll see you next time!

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