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The DDO Players Council - Introduction and Application


What is the DDO Player Council?

The DDO Player Council is a group of players selected to provide targeted feedback and valuable suggestions to the DDO Team. This will involve participating in surveys, focused discussions, as well as highly structured and targeted developer chats. Often the topics covered will be elements of game design at their earliest stages, well before they are committed to development or appear in our preview programs like Lamannia.

Don’t want to join yourself? Recommend a fellow player you feel will be a positive addition to the council. We may also select players based on their in-game and community behavior, and extend an invitation even if they have not otherwise applied or been nominated. 

Requirements for Applicants and Nominees:

• Maintain an active play style.

• Be in generally good standing, with no significant violations of our rules. Having forum infractions does not mean you can't apply or serve, but it is something we will consider on a case-by-case basis.

• Council business will be conducted primarily in English. Therefore we request applicants have the ability to communicate with the team and each other via written and spoken English.

• Be able to interact with other members of the Council and SSG employees in a mature, constructive, and mutually respectful manner.

Acceptance and Participation:

Council members must agree to the terms of our NDA, and agree that any information will not be shared out of the program at any point during or after their service. Violation of the NDA will result in immediate removal from the council and exclusion from all future NDA programs, including beta tests. 

Members of the Player Council shall:

• Participate in private chats and other scheduled events with the DDO Team.

• Provide feedback to the DDO Team.

• Comment, from time to time, on aspects or elements of upcoming changes before they have reached an Alpha state, and prior to their testing on the Lamannia preview server.

• From time to time, be asked to help draft a report on the council’s activities for publication to the entire community.

• Be guaranteed access to all Beta tests during their term.

• Be provided a private discussion area for interacting with the DDO Team.

DDO Player Council Application

If you would like to apply or nominate someone to participate in the DDO Player Council, please submit an email to with the Subject Line DDO Players Council Application with the following information:

1. Real Name

2. Email address

3. Are you over the age of 18?

4. Primary Character Name

5. Primary Server

6. Primary Guild

7. Forum Name

8. What is your primary play style/focus (raiding, reincarnation, PvP, static grouping, etc. Multiple answers are fine.)

9. During your time with DDO, have you been a Free player? Premium player? VIP? What is your current status, and for how long (approximately?)

10. What topics are you most interested in discussing?

11. Do you feel that DDO is not difficult enough, too difficult, or generally fine when it comes to difficulty, and why?

12. Outside of your current primary class, what is you favorite class in general, and why?

13. Please provide us with feedback as well! Tell us what is your least favorite part of Dungeons & Dragons Online, and what you would suggest we do to resolve it.

Don't forget to read our FAQ and NDA here!

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