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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 44

The latest community news, events, and more from the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online!

DDO Screenshot of the Week #122!

Hawkfriend the Free gives new meaning to the phrase "Sun Soul" in our 120th DDO Screenshot of the Week!

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 43

Your weekly look at community news, events and more from the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online!

DDO Screenshot of the Week #121!

Morgulion stands in defense of Eveningstar during the break of dawn in our newest Screenshot of the Week!

DDO Screenshot of the Week Submission Guidelines

Find out how to submit your screenshot for the DDO Screenshot of the Week!

The One Fund Memorial Ribbon

The One Fund Memorial Ribbon is available through 5/12!

Cordovan's Weapon Descriptions Guide

The goal of this post is to help you understand weapon descriptions in-game, and know how to recognize a great weapon!


Pics from PAX East!

Hi everyone! Thought I’d post up a few pics I took over the past two days at PAX East in Boston. 

Cordovan's Gen Con Wrap up

Another Gen Con has come and gone. This was an incredible year for Dungeons & Dragons Online at the show, as this year we got to have a pretty large presence in the Exhibit Hall! 

Letters to the Festivult Jester

The time has come once again to answer your maaaaagic holiday questions! Remember to have a fun Festivult, and eat those cookies - they’re good for you!


Festivult Carols

Hello everyone! I’ll be back later this week answering some letters from the DDO community, but until then, here’s a festive poem for the holiday!

Writing Actionable Feedback

Feedback is  kind of like swinging a weapon in DDO - any character can do it, but it takes some effort to do it well or to do so in a way that gets the job done. 

Looking for group?

As you’re wandering around Eberron, it won’t take you long to notice something a little new that’s come to the game since relaunch: talking! 

Writing Good Thread Titles

Now let’s talk about another more simple way to get the most out of your posts: Writing good titles for your threads, blogs, and more! 

The “Best” Multiclass

What is the best multiclass character? I think that’s similar to “what’s the sound of one-handed clapping” or another question to ponder during a deep meditation - the answer will be personal to each person who considers it.

What IS Lamannia

  • What’s the difference between Mournlands and Lamannia?
  • What are we supposed to “do” on Lamannia?
  • What do the devs do with Lamannia?


Turbine PUG Anatomy

So every week we have a “play night” with the staff. It’s an important activity on several levels. It helps us to understand the game, it’s good for team building, and it can even help us catch tricky bugs at times! 

Tolero's Gamescom Wrap up

A big thanks to everyone who came to see us at this year’s Gamescom in Köln, Germany! 

NighteShayde's Bug Report How-To

The How’s and Why’s of Reporting Bugs 

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 19

Who doesn’t like to dress their pets up for the holidays? I know I love giving my Iron Defender a fun spooky outfit for the Mabar Festival of Endless Night. 

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 21: Out with a Bang!

I really love planning out my Cannith Crafting items. Sometimes, the more complex and cool they are, the better! But sometimes even the most dedicated crafter has “leftover” essences, or just wants to make something quick. 

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 30: A Crafting Challenge

I like a good challenge. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, losing weight, or defending an island from invading mudmen, there’s something about meeting a challenge that just makes you feel good! 

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 27: Silent Night

Getting a good night’s sleep in Stormreach can sometimes be difficult. The bed might be too hard, the inn might be too drafty, or the wailing cries of the undead outside your window might disrupt your peaceful slumber! 

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 15

Rune Arms all contain a certain amount of crafting potential; in this case the potential is +3. That means you can craft any shard up to a +3 potential onto it! Keep in mind that adding to the potential of the Rune Arm can dramatically increase the minimum level of an item, so be careful! Also note that you can only apply a shard to a Rune Arm once! The Rune Arm cannot be deconstructed, and the shard cannot be replaced, so keep that in mind when preparing to craft onto it!

Crafting with…Courtney! Episode 45: Urn’t You Special

Some of the most powerful things you can make in Cannith Crafting have special recipe ingredients required to make them.


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