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DDO Season Pass


Introducing the DDO Season Pass! It combines the convenience of VIP access with the joy of ownership. During the two-year season, you get VIP access, permanent ownership of new VIP access content, and more benefits!

Only 1,000 Season Passes will be available, beginning
December 7th at 12:00 PM Eastern through December 16th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
When they're gone, they're gone, so don't miss out if you want to be a Season Pass holder!

Here's what you'll get with the DDO 2020 Season Pass:

2 Years of DDO VIP Access

Enjoy all the perks of being a DDO VIP, like 500 DDO Points per month, bonus XP, and more.

VIP benefits kick in immediately upon redeeming your Season Pass code on your account. (Limit one Season Pass per account)

Yours To Keep

Season Pass grants permanent ownership of VIP features that are released during the two year Season from 2019 through 2020! That means every time a VIP gets their automatic free access to the newly released Store content*, Season Pass holders get to keep it! Enjoy accessing features such as new adventure packs, new races, new classes, and when your Season Pass expires, you'll still retain ownership of those features on your account!

*Excludes any non-VIP inclusive features, such as Expansions.

You've got the DM's Favor

Season Pass holders get DAILY free rolls of Gold dice, in addition to the standard daily silver rolls! Get fabulous rewards when you roll on Gold Daily Dice, like Sentient XP gems, Tomes, increased XP rewards, rare Cosmetics, and more!

The DM's favor lasts for the full 2 year season, and ends Dec 31st, 2020.

Celebrate With New Armor

Season Pass holders get a limited release Cosmetic Outfit for all their characters:
Silver Dragon Armor

That's one for every character you have now, and every future character you make too! (Each armor is Bound to Account)

A Heroic Otto's Box

Your season pass also bestows one Heroic Otto's box for your account, a 4995 DDO Points value, which includes:

  • 1 Stone of Heroic Experience (2 million XP)
  • 5 Superior Experience Elixirs
  • 5 Major Slayer Count Boosts
  • 5 Huge Jewels of Fortune
  • 5 Siberys Spirit Cakes
  • 3 Greater Siberys Spirit Cakes
  • 1 Complete Reincarnation Timer Reset
  • Your choice of either a Cyan Gelatinous Cube Creature Companion or 65 Astral Shards

Note: Your Otto's box is delivered to the character that you redeem your Season Pass code on.

Don't wait, become a Season Pass holder today!

How to get the DDO 2020 Season Pass:

The DDO 2020 Season Pass is available for a limited time
in the DDO Market for $299.
Only 1,000 Season Passes will be sold, so don't miss out!

To begin your Season Pass:

1. Receive your Season Pass code from the DDO Market

2. Open the DDO Store and select "Redeem Code" from the top menu

3. Enter your code and select "Apply"

Upon redemption of your Season Pass code, you will immediately receive your Gold Dice roll benefit and Season Pass holder bonus items for your characters. Your 24 months of VIP time also begins upon redemption of the code.

*Terms & Conditions apply. DDO Points from VIP access are distributed monthly based on the day of the month that your Season Pass code was redeemed. For existing VIP subscribers applying a Season Pass, your 24 months of VIP time will be added to any remaining VIP time you had from your existing VIP plan, and your existing plan will not rebill until after your Season Pass time has run out. Expansions are not included with VIP or Season Pass access. The DM's Favor benefit for free daily Gold dice rolls takes effect when you redeem your Season Pass code, and the DM's Favor ends on Dec 31st, 2020. All VIP access features released in the DDO Store in 2019 and 2020 will be granted permanently to DDO 2020 Season Pass holders' accounts automatically. DDO 2020 Season Pass does not include permanent ownership of any VIP access features that were already released in the game prior to Dec 31st, 2018. Limit 1 Heroic Otto's Box per account with the Season Pass. Only one Season Pass can be redeemed on a game account. The redemption code for Season Pass expires December 31st, 2020 at 11:59pm Eastern.


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