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Free Gift

Get A Gift For Being VIP!
Coming February 6th to all active VIPs!

As a thank you from Standing Stone Games, starting February 6th, active VIPs can receive a special gift! Simply sign in and log into a character on your VIP account before March 19th to get an account-wide permanent Lioness Hireling for all your characters, forever!

Not a VIP yet? Sign up, and between February 6th and March 19th you are eligible for the gift too!

The Alabaster Lioness Figurine of Wondrous Power:

- Level 20 Fighter Hireling, summonable at character Level 18!
- Contract never expires!
- Contract can be activated anywhere in non-raid dungeons / landscapes!
- Contract fits in Hireling Folders
- Compatible with other permanent Hirelings, like the Onyx Panther or Owlbear Defender

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I receive my free gifts?

If you are an active VIP, simply log in between February 6th and March 19th to receive your gift. You must log into one of your characters on at least one server to receive the gift. Note: If you sign up for VIP after you've already logged in, you may need to logout and back in before your gift starts to appear on your characters. Not a VIP yet? No problem! Sign up before March 13th and you are eligible to receive the gifts too!

If I don't log into my character, but am VIP, will I still receive my gifts?

You must log into the game between Feb 6th and March 19th, and into your character, to receive your gifts.

Do I need to log all the way into my character, or can I just log into the Character Selection screen?

You must log all the way into your character on at least one server in order to receive the gifts.

Do I have to log in all my characters?

No, as long as you log into at least one character on one sever between Feb 6th and March 19th, your account will receive gifts on all your current and future characters forever from that point on.

Where will I receive my gift?

Your gift will be placed in each of your character's inventories. All characters on your account will receive the gift, as well as all future character you create on your account. If you do not see your gift initially, you may need to logout and back in before your VIP status can active and apply the gifts to your account (this is typically true for brand new VIPs who sign up for a VIP plan while they are logged into a character)

If I log in after March 19, will I still receive gifts?

Only VIPs who log into one of their characters between February 6th and March 19th will have their accounts flagged to receive the gifts on all their current and future characters.

Help! I logged in, then I signed up for VIP, but I don't see my gift! What happened?

Remember that the gift delivery begins February 6th, and if you were already logged into your character when you signed up for VIP, you may need to logout of the game then log back into the character before the change to your account activates.

If I'm already an active VIP, do I still get the gift, or is this gift only for new VIPs?

All our active and new VIPs will receive the gift if they log into their character between Feb 6th and March 19th. Thanks for being a VIP, and welcome all new VIPs!

Will my Lioness take up a party slot, and can I use it with other permanent hirelings, such as the Onyx Panther or Owlbear Defenders?

Yes, your Lioness counts as a party member for grouping purposes. You may activate your Lionness, and any additional permanent Hirelings, as long as you have room in your party and are the appropriate character level to summon it.

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